Felt+Fat: Dining in Handmade Luxury

01. December 2021 Dining 0
Felt+Fat: Dining in Handmade Luxury
Pottery has always been a huge interest of mine. I took a few ceramics classes in college and completely fell in love. The look, the texture, the weight, it just FEELS expensive, you know? I knew I wanted to get a set of handmade ceramic dishes for my new house and I knew exactly where ...

The Most Comfortable Work-Attire: BetaBrand

17. September 2021 clothing 0
Anyone who knows me knows that I rarely dress up. Thankfully I have a job that I can dress casually in most days but some days, when I have presentations, I have to be dressed nice. And with dressing nice usually comes uncomfortable clothes. Non-stretchy pants, high heels, the works. And that just doesn’t work ...