For a day focused on love: Diaper organization for home and on the go

For a day focused on love: Diaper organization for home and on the go

I hate my diaper bag. I hate that stuff goes in and never comes out. I hate that it feels like dead weight because I almost never use anything in it. Like most NYC moms, everything is in my neighborhood. Why do I need to bring the whole diaper bag every time I go to a 45 minute baby class that is a 5 minute walking commute? So I decided to look for a diaper wallet and pitch the diaper bag for short trips

Like it has before, had me covered. In fact, I picked up a diaper caddy as well for our nursery. They are both super cute and have greatly improved my quality of diaper changes on the go and at home.


What I love about the diaper wallet:


There is plenty of room for the things I need: I usually have 2-3 diapers, plenty of wipes and the changing mat. Sometimes I even put a small thing of Desitin in there as well.


Dual wipe door: You can get wipes out when it is closed or open.


It replaces the diaper bag for short trips: I love that I am free of the diaper bag for neighborhood outings.


Nice color scheme: I got the Mellow Lellow, and it blends perfectly with my stroller basket.



What I love about the diaper caddy:


It actually organizes my changing table: Before the diaper caddy I stored our most needed items on the changing table on in the top drawer. Now it is all actually where I need it.


It is portable: I can grab it and take it to any room easily. Then I have all I need for changes.


It is really cute: I got the blue lagoon and the blues are lovely.


The storage drawer: I love that there is an extra drawer for any lotions or creams we need.

Overall thoughts: I came to b.Box for a durable diaper wallet, but found a great diaper caddy as well. This company has yet to let me down!