Travel feeding: Because home feeding isn’t hard enough

Travel feeding: Because home feeding isn’t hard enough

I decided to try out a variety of items from two different companies and SiliKids to help with travel feeding. As you can imagine, travel feeding is no easier than high-chair feeding. Instead, I am just trying to pick noodles out of my hair in front of people instead of at home by myself.

I stumbled across while looking for affordable sippy cups with weighted straws. When my daughter was first trying to use a sippy cup she only had success with thin straws that were weighted but they are SO expensive and they didn’t hold much water. had a great option for a sippy cup that held twice the amount of liquid and was so much easier to hold. Sippy Cups

I CANNOT speak highly enough about sippy cups. As I mentioned, our daughter started with Zoli cups, which have a similar weighted straw, but our Zoli cups always did a weird thing where the water/milk would push itself out of the straw slowly and end up making a giant mess on the floor. I needed the benefits of the weighted straw without the spontaneous mess.

Things I love about the Sippy Cup:


The weighted straw: My daughter can tilt it or even lay back and still be able to drink successfully because the straw naturally moves where the liquid is. I also like how much independence this allows her.


The wide bottom: I love that is cup has a wide bottom and isn’t easy to tip over.


The handles: She seems to have such an easier time holding the handles of the I like that they have a shape that is easy to grip.


The straw folds away: The straw tucks easily into a sliding piece that both my daughter and I have an easy time maneuvering. This way it can be kept away from germs and mess when not in use.


They are dishwasher safe, BPA, Phthalates, and PVC free


Overall I feel like they are better designed with the weighted straw I needed. They also come in some very cute colors! We chose Apple and Watermelon, but all of them were really delightful.
 Snack Pack and Travel Bib and Spoon


Once I found the sippy cups, I decided to check out if there was anything else could offer to make travel feeding a little easier. At home we use a silicone bib, but I really wanted to find a similar style that could fold into itself to be easily packed and contain messes. I also needed an easy way to carry at least two different types of food, because my daughter can be a bit picky.

Things I like about the Snack Pack:


Two separated compartments that seal individually: I really love when food stays separate and when there are no leaks. This pack accomplishes both!


Spoon tucks away in the lid: The part of the spoon that goes in her mouth is covered by a small flap and the spoon is available when we need it.


The spoon is soft-tipped: It is a gentle spoon.


It doesn’t slide: The non-slip base really stays put , so she is less likely to knock it off the table.


It is dishwasher and microwave safe: Top rack safe and microwave safe without the lid.


Things I like about the Travel Bib:


It rolls into itself: I keep it in our diaper bag folded in itself, which makes it take way less space and helps the diaper bag not be a total hot mess.

It holds the spoon: I love that the spoon has a safe and clean storage space.


It actually catches the food: Unlike bibs that have a softer “catch pocket,”’s travel bib actually catches the majority of food that she regurgitates.


It is easily washable: It says it wipe it clean, but I actually throw mine in the dishwasher and then just hang it to dry in our dish rack.



Silikids Travel Products


With travel feeding and sippy cups covered, I really wanted to find a sustainable way to have some travel snacks. Some digging on Amazon led me to the Silikids silicone snack bags. I ended up picking up their silicone straw lids and a pack of their silicone straws too, because my kid is obsessed with drinking out of straws. I think that Silikids has some of the most innovative travel products out there.


Silikids Siliskin Bags

I seriously love these bags! I think they are a total game changer for snacks.


Here’s why:


They are BPA free, hypoallergenic, and can be boiled: I feel good about storing food in these and they came without the smell of plastic.


They eliminate ziplocks for snacks: No more ziplocks, less waste!


Dishwasher and microwave safe: I can throw them easily in my dishwasher and can use them to warm food.



Siliskin Silicone Straw Tops and Straws

These are such a cool idea. Basically they allow any strong enough cup to become semi-kids safe. I keep one of these in the diaper bag too, with a silicone straw or two.


What I like about them:


BPA free and 100% silicone: Again, I can feel good about giving it to her.


Dishwasher safe: I can’t have anything that isn’t dishwasher safe in my life these days.


I would suggest a pack of the Silistraws to go with them, as one straw wasn’t enough for us.