SimPlay3- The BEST in big toys

SimPlay3- The BEST in big toys

If you haven’t noticed a trend lately, more room equals better stuff. In our old apartment I never got my kids big toys, because there was no room to keep them. Now that we have some room to spare I really wanted to get a little table and chairs for our daughter. A table and chairs is such a great multi-station for kids. It is a place they can eat, craft, and play. I knew I wanted something easily wipeable and light. Amazon introduced me to SimPlay3 and I found SO many cool toys for the kids. I have no idea how more people don’t know about them.

I ended up getting the Play Around Table & Chairs Set, the My Buddy & Me SUV, and the Play Around Kitchen & Activity Center. I hoped one of them would be a hit with my daughter and ALL THREE of them are! Not a day goes by without her playing with all three. They are so durable and well designed. I will definitely be purchasing more of their line for a holiday/birthday.

What I love about the Play Around Table & Chairs Set:

Light and durable: Somehow this set is durable and light which is pretty impressive.

Easily wiped down: My daughter often eats here and it is easier to clean than her high chair. We have also used shaved cream on it with no problem.

Space saving: When the chairs pushed in, this set can easily fit snugly in any room. When the chairs aren’t pushed in it is easily accommodates two toddlers.

No assembly: Comes ready to play.

What I love about the Play Around Kitchen & Activity Table:

Space saving: The fold away table top makes it easy to tuck this in a corner, or bring it out to play with.

Perfect features: With one cabinet, a sink, range, shelves, and the included pot and dishes, this kitchen has everything needed for kitchen pretend play.

Light and durable: This playset looks brand new and it so easy to move around.

Easy assembly: I assembled this in less than thirty minutes, working alone. It required only a screw driver.


What I love about the My Buddy & Me SUV:

Perfect for two young kids: My daughter loves this car even though she isn’t old enough to propel it yet. When our cousin visits the two of them spend hours in there. There is room for two and the closing tailgate is a real hit.

Sturdy: I have pushed this car pretty fast around some tight curves. It holds up to both speed and wear.

Push option: You can close the floorboard and then push two kids in it like a stroller.

Detailed: The stickers and detailing of this car are delightful.

Indoor/Outdoor: We use this car indoors, but it could easily be used for outdoor play or even pushed to the park.

Easy assembly: I assembled this in just under thirty minutes, working alone, with just a screw driver.


Overall thoughts: SimPlay3 toys are SO durable, cleverly designed, and my kids LOVE them. Do yourself a favor and buy some.