Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Rocks my world

05. April 2017 Toys 0
Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Rocks my world

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This is a quickie but good-ie! Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes is one of the most highly reviewed toys on Amazon, so we got three for our baby shower! I wan’t so sure it would live up to the hype, since it seemed simple enough, but our daughter LOVES it!

It is light enough and easy to throw in the diaper bag. It also plays songs that don’t make me want to cover my ears and rock with frustration.


The bad:

There isn’t much bad here.

I wish the beads on the side handle moved a bit more because she hasn’t really seemed to notice them.


The good:

The is light. She could lift it and hold it herself by three months.

The songs are pretty good.

The “screen” lights up with multi-colored lights. She really likes that and it gets her attention.

The button is easy enough to press that she could do it herself by four months.

There is an off, low volume, and high volume switch. I really like that since I don’t want to hear baby music blasted all day.

The caterpillar face is really cute too.


Overall, this is great and super cheap (less than $8 on Amazon) buy. I highly suggest it.