Portable washer to the rescue!

Portable washer to the rescue!


Baby laundry is not a joke. With our laundry being done in a basement shared facility it is even less of a joke! I started researching ways to do laundry inside of our apartment, but even the smallest machines seemed to take up a ton of floor space. I just needed something that could agitate clothes and get them pretty clean, do help spread out how often I was doing laundry for our daughter.

Enter the Avalon Bay Ecowash! I was skeptical because it seemed too good to be true. I just need to load the drum, turn the crank enough times, and I would have clean clothes that I could hang to dry.


What I LOVE about this washer:


It actually works. I loaded a LOT of laundry into it, filled it with water and a small amount of detergent. I cranked it around 100 times. I drained it and added fresh water and cranked 100 more times. Both times I stopped half way and gave a 5 minutes soak break. Then I spun/wrung the clothes out and hung them to dry.


It washes clothes well. My clothes were comparably clean to washer. I would definitely not use it as a sole washer, but to allow another wear between washes it works perfectly.


It is eco friendly. It is nice to decrease my carbon and H20 footprint and get a decent arm workout at the same time.


It is easy to travel with. We took it camping and were easily able to store it in our trunk. It is very light as well (5.5 lbs), making it easy to carry.


It stores easily. I was able to store it above our bathroom cabinet it has such a small footprint


Overall thoughts: Although this can’t replace an actual washer for my family, this is GREAT tool for making laundry last longer between washers, especially if you are in a small apartment. I suggest it for any family in a small living space or without regular access to a laundry facility.