Newborn Prep Pack- Kids N Such

Newborn Prep Pack- Kids N Such

In my newborn preparation frenzy, I got basically one of everything from Kids N Such. I knew I wanted a multi-use cover that would match a red coat I often wear, and they have a beautiful red and black plaid pattern that was perfect. Once I got started in their website I went a little wild.


Don’t blame me, blame the hormones. The great news is, their products are beautiful and have the softest most minky fabrics.


I ended up with a car seat canopy, a multi-use cover, a nursing cover, a nursing pillow cover, a swaddle, and a baby carrier. Sometimes when I get a bunch of items from one company the quality of each item can vary, but I was incredibly pleased with every item.


What I loved about the car seat canopy:


The combination of the sturdy outer fabric and minky inside fabric is an excellent combination: I have actually used this in medium density rain and the car seat stayed dry.


The feels like the baby gets more air: The open flaps allow lots of airflow to the baby.


All season use: I have used this in temperatures ranging from 27 degrees to 60 degrees and it felt very comfortable each time.



What I love about the multi-use cover:


Sturdy thick fabric: This is my third multi-use cover and it is definitely the thickest fabric. Using this in winter will be a must.


Beautiful designs: I got the red plaid color, but there are 11 fabrics to choose from.



What I love about the nursing cover:


The airflow: The airflow is great because of the stiff neck design


The fabric: The fabric feels light enough to not be hot, but dense enough to give good cover.


The burp cloth: I LOVE the built in burp cloth. It has come in handy already and is such a good design idea.


The accessories: I love the pouch because I can easily throw it in the diaper bag.



What I love about the carrier:


It’s warm: This thicker carrier will be great for winter, though it may not work for summer


It is a carrier and ring sling: Although I prefer it as a ring sling it works well as a carrier too.


4-in-1 positioning: It can be used four different ways, depending on your preference.



What I love about the nursing pillow cover:


The minky fabric: It is easy to get on and soft to touch for baby.


The hidden zipper: The zipper can’t touch the baby, as it is tucked away!



What I love about the blanket/swaddle:


The airy muslin feel: The breezy Muslim fabric makes this perfect for summer or an early photo shoot.


The design: I got the star design and it is so beautiful.




Overall thoughts:


Kids N Such has a great product line for newborn necessities. I love that you can coordinate patterns across the items, and the designs are all beautiful. I may have ended up with more items than I planned, but they are all worthwhile.