Simple wishes pumping and nursing bras *DISCOUNT ALERT*

Simple wishes pumping and nursing bras *DISCOUNT ALERT*

It is time to prep for breastfeeding and pumping! This time around I really wanted to try a hands free pump bra that actually worked, since last time I tried the Medela and it never seemed to hold steady or get enough milk out. As my body changed it became ill-fitting.


I heard about Simple Wishes D*Lite hands free pump bra in a Facebook pumping group. I liked that it was possible to resize it as I (hopefully) shrank post-birth.


While I was on the Simple Wishes site, I also acquired the SuperMom, a beautiful bra that was advertised to allow pumping and breastfeeding appropriate. I was super skeptical because I have never seen a daily wearable bra that could do both. The SuperMom totally delivered too.


What I love about the D*Lite Hands Free Pumping Bra:

The changes sizes easily: a Velcro panel on the back allows for easy resizing. I have already resized twice post-birth and it was painless.


The center panels to achieve the right fit: For those who need more room between the nipples, a 1” panel is included to get a great fit.


The color choices: I was pleased to have both a pink and a black choice, though I went with black.

The flange holder: Unlike lesser pump bras, it has a vertical and horizontal slit overlapped so it gives a strong hold.


The straps: As a woman with a larger bust, the straps are a must.


Machine washable: It is machine washable!


Mostly cotton: It is 83% cotton, which I appreciate, both for how well it breathes and the natural fibers.



Things I love about the Supermom:

It can be used as a maternity bra: It is soft and stretchy, making it a great maternity bra.

It is a hand-free pump bra and a nursing bra: It has an outer bra layer, a hands-free pump layer, and a nursing bra layer.


It is actually beautiful: It is a really beautiful bra, and after giving birth anything that makes me feel and look like a woman again is welcomed.


It comes with adjustable straps: The straps are convertible, making it easy to wear under any top.


My only complaint is it doesn’t give a ton of support, which for a larger chested woman, equals strange looking boobs.



Overall thoughts: The D*Lite has proven to be exactly what I needed. Though the Supermom is beautiful and fantastic at multitasking, I think it needs more support for larger breasts.




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