Amorini Nipple Soothers

Amorini Nipple Soothers

Breastfeeding is seriously business, and those first few weeks are SO painful. A lactation consultant told me about silver nipple soothers and I decided to try them out. I was pleasantly surprised at how much they helped.

What I like about the Amorini nipple soothers:

Inexpensive: They are cheaper than the competition.

The are discreet: I didn’t find that you could see them through my clothes.

They are durable: I have dropped them several times and they don’t seem to show wear.

They are soothing: My nipples feel so much better when using these.

They are the gift that keeps giving: Every time my son went through a growth spurt I used these and found myself more comfortable.

Overall thoughts:

I was surprised that silver nipple soothers really worked for me, but it did seem to make a difference. Amorini is a solid company and their soothers cost less than the competition.