Breast Milk and Placenta Jewelry

Breast Milk and Placenta Jewelry

Yes, you read that correctly. I had jewelry made out of placenta and breast milk. I love science and the connection between birthing mothers’ bodies and babies, so when I read about it in a mom group I wanted to know more. I looked up people who do this service, mostly doulas, and chose the person with the most beautiful pieces.

The Womb Within was an easy choice because the pieces are really remarkable and individualized. The shop came highly recommended, and my experience supported the great recommendation.

How it worked:

I reached out a few weeks before I gave birth to ask how it would work. Emma told me how to save the placenta piece that would need and how to ship the breast milk.

I asked her to do a goddess piece and she ordered a special mold to make it.

When I went into labor I asked for them to save the placenta, which didn’t seem to surprise anyone.

I shipped a piece of the placenta to her. This involved washing and cutting it, so the squeamish should ask a friend for this part. There was also a special form I had to fill out, but she helped with everything. The breastmilk was much less labor intensive, and just involved a bubble mailer and breastmilk bag.

A few weeks later we got two amazing pieces of jewelry back! They were even more beautiful than I thought.

My biggest take away from my work with Emma was that she was unbelievably kind, thoughtful, and took the time to make sure she got everything as I wanted. I cannot recommend her shop enough.