EPIK Learning Tablets

EPIK Learning Tablets

I always said I would be the mom that never uses television to quell my children. I still try to limit screen time, but I do allow some television on long car ride. I knew I wanted an android based tablet so that it could play movies of all format, and I knew I wanted a tablet that could grow with my daughter. I found the EPIK tablet on Amazon and it fit all of our needs.

Here is what I love about the EPIK Learning Tablet:


16GB: A decent amount of space for a few movies, and it can be expanded with SD cards.

Kid-friendly: It comes with a great kids case and built in games.

Kid Zone: It opens to a Kids Zone and requires a password to utilize any other apps.

Learning content: There are several games to choose from with an academic component.

Battery life: It charges quickly and the battery life of pretty good.

Android: It is so nice to be able to play all movie files!

Durable: We have dropped ours several times and it has held up!

Overall thoughts: If you are looking for an inexpensive tablet for kid-safe games and movies, EPIK Learning is a great choice!