Resolutions: Drink more water with Greens Steel

Resolutions: Drink more water with Greens Steel

I feel like everyone is obsessed with a certain tumbler we won’t name, and I thought I could find better. Boy did I with Greens Steel! I tried their water bottles, 20 ounce Beast cups, and 30 ounce Beast cups. I am beyond impressed and they held ice longer than my “sweaty Yeti”

Here is what I love about Greens Steel:

Stainless steel: Vacuum insulated food grade stainless steel that is electropolished on the inside.

Color options: Their drink cups have 11 colors to choose. They are vibrant.

No sweat: None of their products sweat.

Hold ice: They hold ice for so long, even with the heat on.

Straws: They come with two great stainless steel

Overall thoughts: More than just having a Beast of a name, Greens Steel has taken the drink cup and water bottle game up a notch. A great buy for a new year!