WaterRower: Space-saving and stunning full body exercise

WaterRower: Space-saving and stunning full body exercise

Full disclosure- I have been an active rower since college, mostly on a magnetic rower. If you are not a rower, I would suggest trying it out at a gym before purchasing a rower. Rowing is an amazing full-body workout if it works for your body and if you have good form, but it isn’t for everyone.

With that said, the WaterRower is the most beautiful and space-saving piece of exercise equipment I have ever used. It has my absolute highest recommendation. Here is why, if rowing works for you, WaterRower should be your only choice:

Aesthetic appeal: We got the WaterRower in natural and it is beyond stunning. Especially when it is standing up, it is hard to tell if it is a piece of art or something functional.

Craftsmanship: It is so perfectly constructed. Every piece is precise and it makes for an incredibly sturdy machine.

Set up: I set up the rower in 30 minutes while parenting two toddlers. It is simple and fine for one person to do alone.

Ease of use: WaterRower is also spectacularly easy to use. Like all rowers, you buckle your feet in and row. A DVD is included to help you perfect form. This is especially important for new rowers. Picking it up and putting it down is super easy and quick, so there are no excuses not to row!

Water effect: I really under-estimated how spiritual the effect of the sound of water would be. I find myself closing my eyes and envisioning myself on a river instead of turning on the tv while rowing. It really transforms the act of rowing.

Space-saving: When standing it takes up less than four square ft. That is life changing for small apartments/spaces. No more trudging to the gym in the snow or rain with this rower tucked away.

Ease with kids: I worried that when it was standing it may be easy for kids to pull down on themselves. I still use a wall mounted hook to ensure they can’t, but I’m not sure I would need to worry regardless.



Overall thoughts: WaterRower is a fitness game changer. It is the most beautiful, space-saving, and effective cardio equipment you can have in your home and it gives an exquisite workout.