Holy Lamb Organics makes the best changing pad

Holy Lamb Organics makes the best changing pad

Babies go through thousands of diapers in the first few years of their life. That’s a LOT of diaper changes and a lot of time spent on a changing table. Anyone who has a changing table knows that most come with a standard changing pad that is cheap and uncomfortable. The traditional ones are so hard and stiff. If I wouldn’t want to lay on it, why would he? I knew I wanted a better option for my son if he’d be spending that much time on it.


I started researching organic changing pads and came across Holy Lamb Organics. I love that they are a business dedicated to making quality organic products. I immediately knew this was the company I wanted to get my changing table pad from.

Let me just start by saying this thing is SOFT. Like, so soft. If they made it in adult size, I would just use it as my mattress. It’s handmade from premium eco wool and topped with organic cotton. Having a changing pad that is as plush as this one means no more waking my son while changing his diaper in the middle of the night. This is a total win in my book! The sides of the pad are contoured so he’s safely snuggled in and I don’t have worries of him rolling off.

Alone, it isn’t waterproof but I paired it with their Wool Puddle Pad. As directed, I put a cotton receiving blanket between the puddle pad and the fitted sheet and it’s perfect. The receiving blanket soaks up any liquid that happens to escape during diaper changes (anyone with a boy knows that’s a lot) and the puddle pad keeps the changing pad dry. It’s the perfect duo.


If you’re looking at using more organic products in your life, especially for your little ones, I definitely recommend exploring Holy Lamb Organic products. They offer a lot more than baby items and you’re sure to find something you need. I love knowing my son is surrounded by the best of the best products that are safe and natural.