litter robot: A MUST for cat lovers

litter robot: A MUST for cat lovers

I do not like cats, but everyone else in my family does, so we have one. He is a decent enough cat but the thing I dislike most about cats is the everyday clean up. I HATE cleaning the litter box. I saw a Facebook Ad for Litter Robot and it has legitimately changed my life.

Every person who has a cat NEEDS a Litter Robot. I repeat: Every person who has a cat NEEDS a Litter Robot.

It is in the top five favorite items I have ever reviewed. Here is what I love about it:

NO smell: Our house always had a litter smell, no matter how often we cleaned. Litter Robot seriously removed the smell completely. The Litter Robot is amazing. 

Auto-cleaning: It cleans itself and packs the waste for you. It is so easy. Once every 1-2 weeks I pull the bag out.

Takes regular garbage bags: This is how you know a great company, they made it take regular garbage bags. No extra ordering needed.

SO MUCH LESS WASTE: We used to go through 5 lbs of litter a month. We have been using the Litter Robot since November and we have gone through 7 lbs of litter total. 

Happy cat: Our cat is happy because he is not getting waste stick to his feet and he always has fresh litter.

Overall thoughts: Litter Robot is worth EVERY penny. It is the best invention for cat owners and it is life changing. Get one today, seriously.