Pumping is a breeze with Willow *PROMOTION CODE*

Pumping is a breeze with Willow *PROMOTION CODE*

Let me just start off by saying that I hate pumping breastmilk. It’s annoying, time consuming, but I hate being tied to a wall the most. Sitting in a stationary position for 30+ minutes seems like it could be relaxing, but it isn’t when you have a baby to tend to and you have a limited range of motion before you spill your hard-earned milk. And let me just say that it is perfectly acceptable to cry over spilled milk.

I started pumping as soon as my baby was born. He was a NICU baby and didn’t have a great latch in the beginning so pumping was my only option to give him breastmilk. I started with a Medela Symphony at the hospital and moved to a Spectra S2 when I got home. About a month into my pumping journey, I was tired of it. So I began searching for other, more practical, solutions.

It was probably about 3am when I stumbled across Willow’s website. There it was, the Willow 2.0, a portable, hands-free breast pump that you can wear discreetly under your shirt. I thought I was dreaming. It seemed too good to be true, but I was also surprised it has taken a company this long to create a product like this. You can walk around, carry your child, eat dinner, even lay down and watch a movie all while still pumping! I was shell shocked and knew I needed it immediately.


-Smart Connectivity – Yep, you read that right. Willow has their own app which makes keeping track of the time and amount pumped a breeze. The app also features a page just for tips and videos to help you along the way.

-Portability – I can’t tell you all of the things I have been able to do while pumping. Just a few include: driving to work, teaching my students, playing with my son, folding laundry, getting ready for bed at night, and even taking my dogs for a walk while strolling my baby around the neighborhood.

-Clear Flanges – The flanges are clear on the 2.0 which makes getting them aligned correctly super easy!

-Few pieces – So the Willow pump is composed of only 4 pieces: the pump, the flange, the flextube, and the bag. All that needs to be washed are the flanges and flextubes for each pump. That’s a total of 4 pieces!!

-Bags – The bags feature a one-way valve so they are totally leak proof! They are also freezer safe so once you’re done pumping, all you have to do is pop them directly into the freezer. Or if you make bottles, just cut the top off and drain them!

-Quick to set up – It only takes me about 4 minutes to get everything set up, get the pumps in my bra, and start pumping. That is MUCH better than the normal 10 minutes it takes me to assemble my Spectra parts and get them on. Those 6 minutes add up eventually!


-Price – I’ll admit, when I saw the $499 price tag, I was floored. But then I remembered everything this pump will be giving back to me: time with my baby, time to myself, time to get things done, and those things are priceless.

-Cost of bags – The bags are a bit pricey as well coming in at 50 cents a piece. I won’t recommend this but I have heard of pumpers that reuse their bags. So take that for what you will.

-Learning Curve – There is a somewhat steep learning curve, as the suction is so different from other pumps. But as long as you stick with it, I’m almost positive that Willow will work for you.

-Bulky – So I have a huge chest. Like 36H pre-pregnancy huge. When I first wore Willow, I felt like I had Dolly Parton boobs and looked ridiculous. But I have found ways to help hide them a little better (scarves, cardigans) and I’ve also just gained an “I don’t care what people think” attitude since I’m pumping my child’s food.

This pump has completely changed my attitude about pumping. It isn’t this daunting, exhausting task anymore. I can pump and still live my life with my partner and baby. Willow has given me a freedom that I so desperately needed. Since pumping is so much easier now, I actually plan on pumping way longer than my son will need and donating the milk. My son will have his food, I will have my sanity, and I’ll have some to give away. Everybody wins!

If you decide to purchase (which I HIGHLY recommend) here is a link to generate a code for a FREE pack of bags when you purchase your Willow pump! Just add the pack of bags to your cart, enter the code at checkout, and they’ll be free!

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Happy  Pumping!

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