Swimming Freely with Otteroo

Swimming Freely with Otteroo

My kid is a total water baby. I contribute that to him being an Aquarius but I digress. He LOVES being in the water. We bathe him every night because he just loves it so much. When he was starting to become a more wiggly baby around two months old, we could tell he wanted to move around in the water but his baby bathtub wouldn’t allow for it. We started looking into products that would give him more freedom to move and build muscle.

In steps Otteroo. I originally didn’t know about baby neck floats. After more research, I realized that there are a lot of knock off options on the market that are unsafe, but that Otteroo Lumi is the only truly safe option. That’s when I realized that this would be perfect for my little fish who just wanted to swim!

The Otteroo Lumi Floatie is super easy to use. You blow up the two air chambers and clip it around your child’s neck, aligning their chin on the clearly labeled chin rest. It sounds crazy but I promise it’s awesome! It’s secured with two squeeze buckles which made me feel confident that it wouldn’t come undone. It fits snug on the baby but still leaves plenty of room to breathe easily. Then you just put the baby in the water and away they go!

Another thing that I love about the Otteroo is that it can be used for water physical therapy, muscle building, and even used for babies with special needs. It’s a fantastic tool for alleviating the strain of gravity on muscles and building them while swimming. It has definitely helped my little guy become a stronger swimmer because he’s learned to kick his legs to move through the water.

For more information about the great therapeutic benefits that Otteroo has for the special needs community, click here.

Overall, I really think Otteroo is a great tool. It gives babies the freedom to move around in the tub or pool while gaining independence and strengthening muscles. I plan on using it until he grows out of it and then getting another one for any future babies who hopefully love the water as much as my little guy does!

**Always use Otteroo under adult supervision. Never leave a child unattended in water.**