Misen cookware: Cooking like a grown-up in 2020

Misen cookware: Cooking like a grown-up in 2020

One of my goals for 2020 is to start cooking like a grown-up. My pots and pans are from my wedding and really needed some sprucing up. For me, the problem with buying kitchen stuff is it is SO expensive. I feel like I need to break into my kids college fund to be able to afford decent kitchen stuff. I also have no idea how to buy decent kitchen stuff, other than picking something pricey and hoping it works out.

This lead me to google: “quality pots that are cheap” and I found a bunch of people talking about Misen. Apparently they offered moderately priced cookware that is professional quality. I got a Starter Cookware Set and a Chef’s Knife and hoped for the best. Here is what I love about Misen:

The sheer size: This cookware is huge. It is perfect for a family of four. I used to have to cook stir fry in two pans. Not anymore.

The weight: The pictures don’t do them justice. They are so heavy and durable. I wouldn’t be surprised if my kids are using these in 20 years.

Even cook: I apparently have never had quality pons and pans, because cook actually cooks differently in these.

Easy to clean: I have always been scared of stainless steel, because I was afraid food would get stuck on there forever. I have found these clean easier than my other cookware.

The knives: I am almost scared of using this knife, because it is so much sharper and quicker than my other knives. I will definitely going back for the full set.

Overall thoughts: I really love Misen cookware. It feels like serious quality and it is affordable.