The Lactation Boost: Greater Than

The Lactation Boost: Greater Than

I always made it my goal to breastfeed for a year. Once my kid turned 10 months, my milk supply started to drop and I got so worried I wouldn’t make it to my goal. I started looking into things to help boost lactation. I knew I didn’t want anything herbal because I’ve heard those products can sometimes have adverse affects. I wanted something that was (almost) guaranteed to work and I needed it to work fast!

I was scrolling through Instagram and came across an ad for Greater Than sports drinks. It was a photo of a carton of the drink next to a Haakaa pump full of milk. I immediately clicked and started to read more. I knew this was what I needed!

The biggest thing that I LOVE about Greater Than is that their drinks are all natural. None of that unhealthy stuff or fillers. Just pure goodness. water and coconut water makes up a majority of the beverage, with just fruit juice for taste and sea salt. That’s it! I was so surprised to find something so pure that could help me boost lactation so I could make it to my one year goal of breastfeeding my baby. I also love that I’m supporting a small business by supporting Greater Than!

I decided on a sampler pack so I could try all of the flavors. I knew I wasn’t the biggest fan of the flavor of coconut water alone but when I tell you these drinks are good, they’re GOOOOD. I was so caught off guard by how good they taste. I thought for sure I’d dislike them but just tolerate them for my kid. But I found myself wanting to drink more than just one a day and had to refrain!

I went from pumping 2oz per session to almost 4 oz per session in just a few days of drinking one of these drinks a day. The flavor didn’t matter, they all worked! My favorite flavors are the Tropical, Orange Mango, and even Grape (I thought for SURE this would be my least favorite since I don’t like grape-flavored anything!) I tried the chocolate too and I’m not even joking, it’s delicious.

If you find your supply dropping and are looking for something to boost it, you seriously need to try Greater Than sports drinks. You will not be disappointed!