Indestructables – The Perfect Baby Books!

Indestructables – The Perfect Baby Books!

When I found out I was expecting, I became enthralled with buying books for my baby. I got copies of all of my favorite stories as well as so many new ones. Fast forward to now, my baby LOVES books. He wants to hold them, look at the pictures, flip through the pages, chew on them, throw them, and even try and tear them apart.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any books that are waterproof, rip-proof, chew proof, or washable….or so I thought! But THERE IS!! There’s a whole series of them by Workman Publishing! They’re called Indestructables and they.are.AMAZING! The best part? They’re only $5.95 a piece!

Naturally, I had to have almost every one there is available. They’re constantly coming out with new ones too. The pictures are bright and colorful and the pages are truly indestructable. They’re light and easy for young hands to hold too. They are my absolute favorite go to readers for my son and he loves being able to explore the books!

The best part (in my opinion) is that they’re washable. Baby/toddler toys are soooo germy and it seems impossible to sanitize everything that ends up in their mouths. Luckily with the Indestructables books, you can scrub them down in warm soapy water and they’re good as new! They’re made from a non-toxic paper-like material that I love. It isn’t plastic like some waterproof books. It really feels like regular paper but smoother, softer, and drool-proof!

Some of my favorites are Busy City, Baby Let’s Eat, and My Neighborhood. You NEED the Indestructables books for your baby/toddler. There are no other books like them on the market!