Milliard Modular Kid Sofa

Milliard Modular Kid Sofa

The multi-use wonder sofa!

I’m a bit like a broken record at this point, but I love Milliard. I have yet to find a Milliard product that wasn’t the utmost in quality. Their customer service is also excellent. When we wanted a multi-use kid sofa option, they were the first place I looked. Luckily for me, they had just released their adorable kid sofa. It is a convertible sofa with two removable ottomans.

Here is what I love about it:


It can be a puppet show theater, a bed, or a sofa. We LOVE it for sleepovers, because everyone has a comfy place to sleep. We also love it for fort building. 

Durable fabric:

We love the fabric because our kids’ rough play doesn’t harm the sofa. It has been used as a trampoline many times and survived. 


I also love that the velour cover can be removed and washed. This is a must for us for any kid furniture.

Overall thoughts:

If you are looking for a modular sofa, look no further than Milliard. The price is right and the quality is great!